About me


As an environmentalist my intention is to create products than can enable us to do our bit for the environment. However small our individual efforts may seem, collectively, these small steps make a huge impact toward healing and preserving our beautiful world.

‘We do not inherit the world from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children’

As a cameraman and traveller, I have observed people from around the world and noticed the different ways they live in relationship to the environment around them. Since the birth of my children I have become more sensitive to the lasting impact of our wasteful habits. I have started Natural View products to find products that help us reduce our impact upon the Earth.

‘Inspired by Nature and Made by Nature’

My Story
From Sugar cane to the Fridge, May 2018, looking for inspiration for my children’s tea, I opened the fridge, I was struck by the amount of plastic packaging. Having children has made me more aware than ever of the importance of our environment, and the world we are creating for their future. I began to develop recyclable and biodegradable products, that are carbon neutral and made from sustainable sources. plantwrap is an environmentally friendly alternative to cling film, it is made from sugarcane and is completely recyclable. No fossil fuels are used in its production, no nasty chemicals will seep into your food. I know this is not the silver bullet we are all looking for but I do believe its a great product. At last, alternative products are available, and steps are being taken in the right direction towards products that will not disrupt the eco system, upset the food chain or our food supplies.
Please feel free to email me at 'hello@naturalviewproducts.com' if you have any questions. 
Thank you for your time, Sam

“We made this mess, one small step at a time, and that’s exactly how we will fix it”